One More Week!

So, as I enter into my last week at our Ocean Beach location, I reflect on where the business started, where it is and where its going.
I am beyond grateful for everyone in the OB community who has embraced me and my little shop, from humble beginnings.

Let me share a few pics of where we started + where we are now:

              2011                    2014                      NOW
As you can see, we started off a little rough around the edges but today, we are a little more polished.
Bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to my little 250 sqft shop, I am bubbling over with excitement over the decision to start up smaller spaces, but more of them around San Diego and beyond.
I'll be maintaining spaces in Ocean Beach, at Thistle (4822 Santa Monica Ave.), in Hillcrest, Creative Crossroads (502 University Ave.) and in Solana Beach at Leaping Lotus (240 S. Cedros Ave.).
We also have launched the absolutely beautiful Pine Tree Road Soap website + am I personally working on adding a shaving collection of accessories, candles and hand crafted soap dishes....these are all projects I'll be working on with the time that I am not in a retail shop.
I hope you continue to follow us on our adventures + thank you for your unending support and LOVE!
Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our beautiful, brand new website!
I'm excited to share the new adventures of Pine Tree Road Soap right here with you.  Bliss and Tell Branding Company did a fabulous job on our brand collaboration + website...kudos!
And for those of you in Ocean Beach, we are having our Moving Party (complete with champagne + cupcakes) on June 25th + 26th--these will be our last 2 days at our OB location so stop in and see me!
Oh more thing...
Our 2nd permanent booth space will be set up and ready for business on June 30th at Creative Crossroads in Hillcrest (502 University Ave).  We are bubbling over with excitement to have this gorgeous space right in the heart of downtown Hillcrest.  
Ok, I think that's it for updates right now.  Stay tuned...


And, as always, thank you for supporting small business + PTRS!